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Science has shown that not only is CBD a powerful antioxidant, it is being proven to be a more powerful antioxidant than both vitamins C and E!

Antioxidants help to halt the aging process by reducing free-radicals and the damage that they can do to the skin. Free radicals cause collagen to break down faster, so ultimately antioxidants are also helping to slow down the process of collagen loss, keeping skin looking more youthful, firm and strong, even over time. This connection explains why CBD can benefit aging skin and help it to look more youthful and naturally refreshed.

If you’re worried about the way your skin looks and feels, or are concerned about getting older, start embracing your age and loving the skin you’re in because Ineffable can take care of the rest for you.  CBD possesses a capacity to reverse the signs of aging, simply through the application of this all-natural plant extract that comes directly from Mother Nature herself. This may seem too good to be true, but plant power has been utilized for centuries as a treatment for numerous aspects, including reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

We use the purest Cannabis extracts in our products that are internally as well as independently tested by third party testing facilities to ensure that our products are sourced from the highest quality medical grade cannabinoid compounding facilities in the country. We are a cruelty free company and are 100% THC free. 

How Does CBD Reverse the Signs of Aging?


Is ineffable Anti-Aging serum right for you?

Our CBD professional grade Anti-Aging serum is light and silky and quickly absorbed into your skin, perfect day or night, you must try Ineffable indescribable beauty. Our multi action formula combines multiple industry powerhouses known as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-1, Tetrapeptide 7, Hydrolyzed collagen and of course CBD.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-1: is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles up to 44%.

In one study testing the effectiveness of this ingredient, the following results were concluded:

  • 15% reduction in main wrinkle depth and 18% reduction in main wrinkle volume

  • 14% reduction in roughness

  • 16% reduction in complexity and “lifting” parameters

  • 200 microns decrease in deep wrinkles (44% decrease) and a 37% decrease in density

  • 15% increase in skin tone

Tetrapeptide 7: Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 is a type of peptide compound which combines several chains of amino acids to reduce skin inflammation and the accompanying skin damage. This peptide compound is also believed to stimulate the regeneration of collagen fibers in the dermis by acting as sort of cellular messenger. Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 is also thought to increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which can help tighten skin by attracting moisture to the epidermis. 

Hydrolyzed collagen is added because as we age natural collagen in our skin degrades over time especially in the facial and neck area, resulting in wrinkles and dry skin.

CBD: Studies indicate CBD has significant anti-aging benefits as a potent antioxidant reducing damage caused by free radicals such as pollution that can dull our skins natural glow. It is also considered by many to be an anti-inflammatory which is ideal to fight unwanted puffiness.

In addition to these powerhouse ingredients, Ineffable indescribable beauty also contains a delicate blend of herbal extracts and other anti-aging properties to combat the earliest signs of aging for both women and men.

Made with CBD hemp oil you can trust

Not all CBD is the same, Ineffable indescribable beauty receives our CBD from one of the only government registered growers in the United States. Maintaining its approval for providing the purest CBD hemp oil is its top priority. At our company, the quality of our CBD skincare relies on the quality of the ingredients, so choosing the very best CBD available was an easy decision.

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